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18th January 2021
Manual MK5 Manual Engraver
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MK5 Manual Engraver

Cat #: MK5

The Mk5 Universal Engraving Machine is probably the most versatile manual engraving machine in the world. It is capable of engraving both flat and bulky items as well as cylindrical ones, using the same vice assembly.

£1999.00 + VAT
+ £50.00 POSTAGE


MK5 Manual Engraver - versatile manual engraver.

The MK5 has undoubtedly the largest capacity in its field, capable of holding flatwork 430mm wide and any length, and cylindrical items up to 260mm diameter. It has no difficulty, therefore, in engraving large trophies, tankards, instrument panels, signs, jewellery, watches, decanters, wine glasses, etc.

The MK5 comes complete with a motorised spindle, enabling it to engrave onto wood, plastic, metals and even glassware. Delicate items can be easily and accurately adjusted up/down, left/right, backwards/forwards, tilted and rotated . . . its strength is its flexibility.
Click here to see the MK5 in action MK5 in action

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